Bats, Macroinvertebrates, and Rapids are Amazing!

After a delicious breakfast, we began our morning by checking on the traps we had set for the bat droppings. There were many samples to collect. Each sample was carefully analyzed to separate the seeds from the fruit from the other stuff. Then, using a microscope and a field guide, we identified as many seeds as we could. Everyone was amazed to see how different each type of seed looked.
The data collected helps to provide evidence to support that bats do indeed drop seeds in open areas and the majority of these seeds come from the surrounding garden plants. Bats are extremely important to the forest ecosystem. Pollinating and planting means that the forest can continue to produce and thrive. We LOVE bats!

Then the really exciting parts of the day began. We headed down to the Sarapiqui River to test the water quality and catch macroinvertebrates. Our research determined that the water quality is fair in this area. Everything here is so focused on sustainability and protecting the environment. It is inspiring. After some time to relax and a delicious lunch, we loaded the van to head to another exciting adventure…white water rafting. It had been raining all day which helped to feed the river. Class 2 and 3 rapids greeted us and it was a blast. All smiles and excitement as we floated along and navigated the rapids. There were so many great pictures from today that we had to share with a short video. Enjoy!


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