Ziplining, Bungee Jumping, and Hot Springs, OH MY!

Talk about a day filled with adventure and adrenalin! We awoke to a beautiful morning in Monteverde. Our guide, Mariela, tells us that 70% of the time, it is raining here, but today it is sunny and bright. Fabulous weather for ziplining, which will be our first adventure of the day. After another gourmet breakfast buffet, we load into the van for a short drive up the mountain to Sky Trek. Soon we are dressed in our gear and ready to fly through the clouds.

Mr. Dan
Mrs. Nguyen zipping above the forest.
Anxiously awaiting their next turn
Keira and Nancy
Emma and Shreya
Yep, we were that high and flew far…there were 8 ziplines!
At the end, some of us decided to take a quicker way down instead of the last zipline…a bungee jump!

Adrenalin sure makes you hungry and we made it back to the hotel for another feast before heading off to La Fortuna, a town 4 hours away that sits in the shadow of Arenal Volcano.

Costa Rica gets 98% of it’s power from renewable resources!

We had a chance to walk around La Fortuna for a bit. There were many shops surrounding a central square with a fountain centerpiece. Then we headed to Baldi Hot Springs. This hot tub theme park was an amazing way to relax after a long day of adventures and driving.

We checked into the Magic Mountain Hotel, complete with Mexican dinner buffett, wifi in our rooms, and another gourmet breakfast in the morning.


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