The Dawn of Learning

My inspiring associate principal, Anne Schaefer-Salinas, posted this video and asked our faculty for a response. This video encapsulates so many of the thoughts and ideas I have been discussing with colleagues at school and in my PLN. Hard to believe this video was posted to YouTube 7 years ago! It reminds me that changing our educational system is a long and slow process. 

Teaching can no longer be focused only on standards. Students do not need to memorize facts the way I did when I was in school. Now we have information and answers at our fingertips, 24/7. We must all learn how to explore, ask the right questions, evaluate the results, digest the information, synthesize meaning, and communicate new ideas, often while collaborating with others. This requires a focus on learning. Often, there is not one right answer, which is a change from my “learning” experience when I listened to the teacher and regurgitated the content on a paper or test. That game of school is a disservice to our students. That format will not prepare them for college and beyond.  After 22 years as an educator, I can say that I am more excited and passionate about my job now than ever. This is an incredible time to be in education. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to design an experience that ignites a desire to learn. “The death of education, but the dawn of learning!”


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