Striving for Skills Based Learning

The school year is in full swing. I begin each year with culture building in my classes. Here’s what my Honors Bio students said about their ideal class culture. I used a tool called Answer Garden.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.49.22 AM

Together, we work to develop a sense of community and support. In a comfortable environment, students are more able to take risks. I love teaching at an all girls high school because we can be silly and have fun without added peer pressure. Daily we work to build a class culture that will provide opportunities to develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills. Even more important than the biology content are the skills that our students will need to be successful. I don’t have to worry about my students getting into a college. All of our students will have opportunities to attend higher education. My main focus is to prepare them to be successful in college so that they can continue to develop skills and deepen content knowledge for a successful career.

I am constantly connecting with colleagues and reading reports on what employers are looking for, what types of experiences they want their employees to have. Now that we have the ability to Google or ask Siri for bits of information, the skill to confidently and efficiently sift through the query results and find ways to clearly present what is learned is paramount to success. I was impressed how this infographic clearly states the skills needed and what students can do to prepare themselves for the workforce. This definitely gives insight into the interdisciplinary, skills based, team driven style of the courses I develop. In an ideal culture, students will feel challenged and supported as they strive for success!


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