Comcast All Star Teacher Announcement on July 8, 2015!

Dear Community,

The day is finally almost here. On Wednesday, I will be heading to the Giants vs. Mets day game with Ms. Osmond, Mrs. Schaefer-Salinas, and my family. They will invite the 5 finalists to the field and make the big announcement! You can watch the coverage or check out my Twitter feed @TechBioBek.

CSN Coverage

Segments of the All-Star Teacher on-field ceremony will be featured on Giants Pregame Live (12pm-12:30pm on CSN Bay Area) and SportsNet Central (6pm & 10:30pm on CSN Bay Area) on Wednesday, 7/8. Set your DVR’s and tell your friends and family to tune in!

Whether my name is called on Wednesday or not, just being encouraged and cheered on has made me feel like I have truly won already…but of course I want that $20,000 for NDB!!! There has been such a feeling of teamwork and positivity on campus and on social media.

Thank you for for sharing this exciting news and encouraging others to vote. Every single vote made a difference.

We are Notre Dame!

Rebecca Girard


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