Fortunately and Unfortunately

I LOVE #SlowChatEd. This is an unique Twitter chat in that there is one question published each day. This allows you to jump into the conversation when you can and take a deeper dive into the discussion. The idea of #SlowChatEd was dreamed up by David Theriault (@davidtedu). I value this chat because I find it difficult to carve out an hour for a chat and often, as in the case of #CAEdChat, the chat is so fast it is difficult to really get into a subject.Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.41.50 AM

Last week’s discussion was an experiment focused on using Fortunately and Unfortunately as a process for solving educational problems. Read more on the #SlowChatEd blog. The problems presented were real and could apply to pretty much every educator I know. The solutions, responses, ideas were amazing. There was a fair share of frustration and humor shared throughout the week. Take a look at the discussion. How might you solve your “unfortunately”s with “fortunately”s?


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