Social Media as a tool for Rich Learning

At the beginning of last year, Erin Kahn and I joined the KQED Do Now Working Group and we had our students sign up for Twitter.  We have found Twitter to be an invaluable tool for our own professional development, but this was our first foray into incorporating social media into our classes. It was a success!

Not only did our students develop their communication skills – only 140 characters requires you to be efficient in comments – they have discovered a new way to use social media as an educational tool. Students loved being highlighted on the KQED blog which summarizes the conversation. Here is an example KQED Roundup of the #DoNowConcussions.

KQED has so many incredible resources.  We encourage you to check them out. #DoNow is such an incredible way  to get your students communicating their thoughts and ideas.  It is a fantastic way to build skills specifically required by the Common Core State Standards as well. We are excited that three colleagues joined last semester’s KQED Working Group. There are still spots available for this semester. Apply and earn some $$ while you engage your students in social discourse and build their communication skills. Let’s get more students learning, reflecting, and communicating through Twitter.

Our classes are on Twitter again this year and have already been involved in a discussion about the ebola outbreak and will be talking about regulation of carbon emissions soon. Follow us @NDBEkahn and @TechBioBek and our class hashtags #smed7 and #apbio3 to see what else our students are up to as they continue to develop their 21st century skills.

Tweet Tweet!


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